Authentic: au -then-tic

adjective. Of undisputed origin; genuine; real; true.

Are you a sensitive, empathic, and professional woman who feels anxious?

Do you overthink things and hold yourself back?

Are you often judging yourself for the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Do you look to others for approval or affirmation on how to live?

Do you want to be present to the beauty, love, joy, and savoring that's already in your life?

I am passionate about helping sensitive women, like you, who want to trust themselves, live according to their hearts and souls, and be the fullest expression of themselves in the world!

The way to fulfillment is within... Are you ready to begin?

About Me

Hi, I'm Heather! I'm a coach, Intuitive, and teacher with sensitive women who are ready to trust themselves, remember who they truly are, feel good about themselves and worthy, and ultimately be true to themselves! 

I know how it is to live a life that's too small for your spirit! I know how it is to think you can't be successful if you're really yourself. I did that for years. I played small because I thought it was safe. It wasn't. It was deadening.

And, then, I woke up and found my path by listening to my heart, my truth, and my Soul.

That's my calling: to be the fullest expression of myself and to help you do the same! I offer  tools, discussion, and practices to help you connect to your Soul -- beyond the past, old beliefs, feelings, or patterns -- because none of that really matters when you know who you truly ARE underneath it all. 

When you find your way by knowing your Truth, feeling your light, and listening to the deep call of your Soul that's longing to be FREE, you can finally live with vibrancy! Are you ready? 

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My Approach

My style is warm, uplifting, enthusiastic, upbeat, and direct. I view myself as a teacher, Intuitive, coach, and guide who walks my talk!

I love offering intuitively-inspired tools, ideas, and warm, enthusiastic support to sensitive, professional women who are ready to learn from their experiences and to connect with their hearts and souls!

My 20-year background in self-actualization, sensitivity, and psychology in addition to 5 years of training in intuitive development and energy work are integral to our work together.


We set up an Illumination Session, by phone or Skype, which highlights where you are now and what you are longing for! I offer Individual and group programs, workshops, and classes so that you can feel inspired, vibrantly alive, grounded, connected, and fulfilled in your life! 

After working with Heather, I feel more grounded, calm, and at the same time lighter on my feet. It was deep and transformative! She helped me visualize my problems in new ways and see solutions I couldn’t see before. Her gentle, sure guidance opened up new ideas, a new sense of stability and new pathways in my brain.
— Faith H. Portland, OR.

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